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At the Find Your Grind Foundation, we care about what will give Gen Z a better life. Whether we’re rebuilding Learning Lab centers, bringing technology to classrooms, or improving downtown Detroit communities through the launch of new skateparks; we believe in the power of youth and healthy communities.

Why Gen Z

Generation Z is coming of age during the rise of big issues: rapid change in the future of work, education, climate change, and political turmoil. These issues will characterize the ideals and values of this generation.
Combine these values with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to change the world, and Gen Z stands at the perfect spot to flourish in the generations to come.

[Core Values]

Encourage Self-Discovery

Democratize Education and Access

Protect the Environment

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We care about what will give Gen Z a better life- what will help them thrive so they can reach their ultimate potential. Read more about how we work.

Our Principles

The primary ambition of the FYG Foundation is to create lifestyle-driven experiential learning opportunities for youth. Read more about how we work.
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We are enablers of learning and self-discovery. Get to know our difference-making team.
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From the basketball court, to the studio. From the skate park, to the esports arena, to our personal collective. Meet our partners.
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