FYG Foundation believes in creating safe places for kids to ‘learn by doing’ and explore their passions.

To further this belief, FYG Foundation is teaming up with The Tony Hawk Foundation to support the Chandler Park Skatepark project in Detroit, Michigan, ensuring kids will have a free, safe place to skate.

With 50% of the surrounding community being under the age of 18, FYG Foundation is excited to bring a healthy recreational space that will benefit the neighborhood and create intentional opportunities for community and collaboration in East Detroit.

For many skateboarding youth, the park will become a home-away-from-home and provide access to an environment that celebrates and recognizes skateboarding as a beneficial activity.

 In too many places skateboarders get the wrong message from local authorities who limit or outlaw skateboarding and ignore its inherent benefits. Skateparks are the solution – they reduce illicit behavior, provide a safe environment, reduce damage to private property, encourage physical activity, improve mental health, and have a positive economic impact. Every skatepark supports hundreds of kids that might otherwise have nowhere to go.

According to the Tony Hawk Foundation: “Skateparks provide a physical activity for kids not interested in traditional team sports. Community skateparks provide a safe and challenging place for skaters of all levels to develop as athletes. Public skateparks provide healthy activity for kids and help eliminate boredom and drug use”.

In addition to all these benefits, the skatepark will feature “green”, sustainable and eco-friendly skate-able features as well as renewable solar lighting to promote broader environmental awareness. Through this partnership, the Chandler skatepark will break ground in 2020 with an anticipated completion date in mid-2021.