Find Your Grind has partnered with The Bay in Lincoln, NE for the last three years to support their skate, music and art programming, as well as general operations funding.

Most recently, FYG Foundation helped launch The FYG Collective – a digital art and technology lab that helps create opportunities for experiential learning for surrounding low-income communities. The FYG Collective provides safe access to digital opportunities, helps build skill sets, and closes the technology gap that exists due to socioeconomic inequality. 

The FYG Collective exists to serve both the established creative community as we well as young people who may be engaging with these technologies and mediums for the first time. All classes, programming, and lab hours are public access, in line with the other spaces and programming of The Bay with intentional opportunities provided to those who need it.
The FYG Collective also houses frequent educational workshops, offering educational opportunities to the creative community that range from instructing on the basics to those wanting to pursue that particular area as a career.

In our partnership with the Bay, we are working to create opportunities where they are needed, widen the lens of possibilities for young people, and empower the local creative community.