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Russel Wilson’s Why Not You Academy

FYG is proud to partner with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara to help support the Why Not You Foundation. The partnership will focus on the buildout of a media and technology space within their new Charter school, The Why Not You Academy.
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LA Chargers Touchdowns for Turf!

Supporting the growth of our local communities through city improvements that will inspire and motivate is a key focus for FYG Foundation. Through our partnership with the LA Chargers, we will be donating $1,000 for every touchdown scored this season, which will go towards the improvement of football fields around Los Angeles. TAKE THE PLEDGE with us …
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Tiger Woods Learning Lab

FYG Foundation x TGR Foundation launch multi-year partnership to rebuild their learning lab centers and bring in innovative curriculum. This is the first partnership built for TGR’s “Pathways Forward” initiative which will bring opportunity to thousands of California students looking to discover their next steps and build meaningful career pathways. To read more around the …
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Tony Hawk Foundation

FYG Foundation believes in creating safe places for kids to ‘learn by doing’ and explore their passions. To further this belief, FYG Foundation is teaming up with The Tony Hawk Foundation to support the Chandler Park Skatepark project in Detroit, Michigan, ensuring kids will have a free, safe place to skate. With 50% of the surrounding …
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Venice Ball

FYG Foundation supports Venice Ball’s community events low-income/high-need communities after the renovation of a school’s basketball court has been completed. On the inauguration/opening day of the court, FYG Foundation supports comprehensive programming to celebrate the court’s opening that engages the local community in the project. The opening day activations typically include a basketball kids’ clinic, …
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Anaheim Ducks

The cost of hockey development programs can often be prohibitive to families in need. Seeing this, FYG Foundation co-created THE RINKS Hockey program alongside the Anaheim Ducks, which enables youth ages 4-14 to explore and grow their love for hockey.  After launching in September 2018, the first group of 48 youth participated in a full …
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Junior Rogue

Alongside ReKTGlobal, FYG Foundation supports Junior Rogue, a semester-long professional gaming accelerator program that provides amateur Fortnite players with opportunities to  succeed in esports. The program provides access to esports experts, resources and financial support to help fund gaming equipment, tournaments and hands-on opportunities. Students are also mentored by Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, captain of Rogue’s …
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FYG Skate Team

Sourced from The Bay, the Find Your Grind (FYG) Skate Team is a hand-curated group of young, skilled skateboarders who embody the FYG Lifestyles and possess a positive attitude both on and off the board. The FYG Skate Team participates in year-long activities to grow in their skating skills and personal development.  In addition to …
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The FYG Collective at the Bay

Find Your Grind has partnered with The Bay in Lincoln, NE for the last three years to support their skate, music and art programming, as well as general operations funding. Most recently, FYG Foundation helped launch The FYG Collective – a digital art and technology lab that helps create opportunities for experiential learning for surrounding low-income …
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FYG Tour

Over 2000 highschools came together with over 150,000 kids in attendance to experience the Josten’s Renaissance Find Your Grind Tour. The 48 city nation-wide experience was packed with scholarships, speakers, brand activations, and live performances to inspire the next generation of students to find their purpose and leave a positive legacy. The tour influenced the …
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