The Find Your Grind Foundation was started by Nick Gross and Natasha Barritt in 2015 to empower youth to find passion and purpose. The Find Your Grind Scholarship is all about helping youth find their grind – whatever that may be. Our scholarship may be applied to college tuition, towards obtaining a required license or permit, or even for purchasing necessary equipment you need for your new business.

Unlike most scholarship opportunities, this is about stories, not scores! Unconventional career paths are the future norm. We want to champion your entrepreneurial spirit and provide the tools you need to accomplish your dream.

Texas Student Helps Rescue Teammate as Hurricane’s Waters Rise

Arman Yazdian and Pierce Tran focus on school, sports, and family in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Despite needing to financially support his single mother with cancer, Arman […]

Romanian-Born Student Is Dedicated to Community, Service, and School

Eliza Cinca “works tirelessly to make her high school the best in America.”

Eliza understands that giving back to your community is what shapes you into becoming a […]

Scholarship Winner Destiny Sakolevidis Travels the World Opening Hearts and Minds to Adoption

Texas student and teacher use open adoption experience to inform others.

Destiny Sakolevidis is “finding her grind” through unabashed service to others. Adopted from birth into the most […]