Young Entrepreneur Develops Apps with Purpose

Haley Hintz took 1st place in National Startup competition for her Penny Saver App.

Haley Hintz of Rolling Meadows, Illinois was nominated by her English teacher, Caleb Parnin. This spring, the young entrepreneur took the initiative to develop her own app, Penny Saver, in order to help teenagers learn fiscal literacy and how to best save and spend their money. Impressively, Haley led her team to win the district-wide Startup competition, but she didn’t stop there. They also competed in the national competition and took home first place!

In addition to her passion for web and app design, Haley is also a fourth-year member of her school’s dance team. She holds several different leadership positions, as well as the responsibilities of lead choreographer. As a true entrepreneurial spirit and a lover of the arts, Haley perfectly exemplifies someone who is “finding their grind.” She hopes to attend Indiana University next year, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!

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FYG Scholarship Winner is “Stronger By Circumstance”

Hannah Atherton overcomes unimaginable hardship with grace.

This amazing young lady has overcome incredible hardship; losing her parents at an early age was just the beginning. However, she managed to be an Honor Roll student, President of her class, involved in both yearbook committee and cheerleading. Outside of school, she works two part-time jobs.

From Hannah: I will be using my Find Your Grind Scholarship to help with my college and future plans. I am very appreciative of these funds and will be using it for college expenses over the next few years. This way, as I continue to work, the money I make can be put aside in a savings account for my future and business endeavors.

Tori Boyle (Educator)

As a teacher, I am investing the Find Your Grind Scholarship back into my school Bureau Valley, our students, and “staffulty.” We work throughout the school year to make it feel like a family within our school by recognizing students with student of the month, leadership opportunities, field trips, Renaissance shirts, cards, birthday cake, winter wishes, and much more. We also work to recognize the staffulty with Renaissance shirts, staff of the month, gifts, birthday ambush, Staffulty Appreciation Week, and more.

We ask all students and staff to write a winter wish for themselves or someone else and we grant as many as possible. Many of the wishes were small like candy or flowers and some were larger, like clothing and calculators. Big or small, these brought so much joy and showed members of our community that someone cared about them. We will then use any money left to help send students to the 2018 Jostens Renaissance National Conference!

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Young Fashion Designer Finds Beauty and Inspiration in the Making

Still in high school, Grace Blessington’s art and passion have taken her on a special journey.

Grace’s passion and creativity is inspiring to everyone around her. She has “found her grind” in fashion design, and saved up money to put herself through art school over the summer at San Francisco Art Institute. She already has several collections of clothes out, and has set up innovative photoshoots on her own. Her infectious spirit for her work makes it easy for many of her classmates to lend a hand and help her shoots come together.

She currently balances high school and classes at Mary Mount University, along with her job, and role as Student Union President. On top of her determination, she’s incredibly talented and has been blessed with the gift of being amazing at something she loves. Also passionate about woodworking, installations, film, and fashion design, she is one to watch. Congratulations Grace!

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Texas Student Helps Rescue Teammate as Hurricane’s Waters Rise

Arman Yazdian and Pierce Tran focus on school, sports, and family in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Despite needing to financially support his single mother with cancer, Arman Yazdian has defeated all odds. As the man of the house, Arman works three jobs outside of his busy school schedule… but was still nominated by ten of his peers for this scholarship. He is not only an outstanding leader, but also the Valedictorian of his class. He aspires to become an anesthesiologist after attending Rice University.

Arman wanted Find Your Grind to know about his friend, Pierce Tran. Both members of the Varsity tennis team, Arman notices that not a single day passes by where Pierce does not wake up early to go practice tennis and stay after school to work on his game. He has improved from the JV squad to being a star on the Varsity team. But most importantly, he sacrifices so much of his time for his single mother who works over three jobs to support the family.

Hurricane Harvey has been the most difficult time Pierce has experienced throughout his life. Pierce called Arman the night the hurricane hit to tell him that the water was rising in his house with no way of his family getting out. Arman helped Pierce reach an emergency evacuation hotline and they were able to rescue him and his neighbors, but they had to live in a shelter for more than a week. Despite losing all of his material possessions, Pierce stays motivated and positive by focusing on tennis and school.

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Romanian-Born Student Is Dedicated to Community, Service, and School

Eliza Cinca “works tirelessly to make her high school the best in America.”

Eliza understands that giving back to your community is what shapes you into becoming a successful person. This last spring, Eliza gave up her Romanian citizenship to become a United States Citizen. The community around her in Austin, Texas was finally HER community. It made all the hard work, long hours, and dedication that much more worth it. She was not born into being an American, but she truly values what it means to be one.

Eliza is an incredible leader and multi-talented member of her community. She spearheaded the establishment of Grizzlies Squared, which is Glenn High School’s club that focuses on creating a safe place for all students to learn. She serves as an officer for six different campus organizations and also runs track in the spring. Academics are very important to her, and she manages to maintain a high GPA despite all of her extra-curriculars. She strives to make Glenn High School the “Best School in America” by taking the time to get to know all of her peers, as well as her teachers and the staff. Not only does she push to “find her grind” on a daily basis, but she inspires those around her to do the same!

Wiley Middle School teacher, Jennifer Bussear, nominated Eliza for this scholarship

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Scholarship Winner Destiny Sakolevidis Travels the World Opening Hearts and Minds to Adoption

Texas student and teacher use open adoption experience to inform others.

Destiny Sakolevidis is “finding her grind” through unabashed service to others. Adopted from birth into the most extraordinarily loving, faithful, and giving family, Destiny uses her story of grace and redemption through open adoption as a platform to encourage and inform others about the joys of open hearts and open homes. As an adoptive parent herself, her teacher Leah Voth says Destiny’s story resonates deeply with her; and is especially proud of Destiny’s willingness to stand up and share her experiences openly and without restraint. “Destiny is a beacon of light in a dark world, a leader among her peers, and is truly one of the most selfless individuals I have ever had the honor of knowing. Her grind is goodness, grace, and giving.”

Knowing first hand as her CTE teacher, Leah says Destiny truly embodies the concept of “Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken.” She has traveled the world in service to others, from Washington, DC to the Rio Grande Valley, and will make a second journey to Haiti this October, where she will be interacting with and mentoring little children and helping to render health services where needed. “Everything Destiny does is selfless. She pours her heart, soul, and passion into bettering the lives of others and is driven by her faith and heart for the broken and underrepresented of the world. She has fed, supplied, and walked alongside the homeless and shared love and compassion in intangible ways,” writes Leah.

In the spirit of celebrating others, the Find Your Grind Foundation awarded a matching scholarship for Leah Voth’s classroom, as well.

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Find Your Grind Scholarship

A huge congratulations to Hannah Atherton and educator Tori Sophia on receiving our Find Your Grind Scholarship at the Jostens National Renaissance Conference in Arizona! Hannah’s story is the story of “stronger by circumstances”. Not only has she risen above all odds to become president of her class, honor roll student, and most importantly- a business entrepreneur creating apparel and ideas for the future! We hooked up Bureau High School and their teacher Victoria with a $2500 scholarship for nominating her friend and student. The importance of celebrating others should always be top of mind. #findyourgrind


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